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nerly three times as many native-born women as all the foreign-born men and women put together. "IT WILL INCREASE THE CRIMINAL VOTE" Again facts prove the contrary. Only five out of every hundred criminals in our prisons are women. Even in our cities the women prostitutes number less than half of one per cent. It take from eight to twenty men to support such a woman. Those men all have the vote. Since the majority of women are good and not bad, therefore the result of giving women the suffrage is not evil but good. "WOMEN DO NOT NEED TO VOTE BECAUSE MEN WILL LOOK AFTER THEIR INTERESTS.". These lessons have given many proofs that this is not true. Women know what they want and what children need better than men ever can, for women are trained in this special work. Even with the best intentions men could not look out for the interests of all the people in the world. They have too many important affairs of their own to attend too. POLITICS IS MAN'S BUSINESS. WOMAN'S PLACE IS IN THE HOME" Voting does not take one out of the home any more than marketing does. Politics affect a woman's business just as much as it does a man's It concerns itself with the care of homes and the health of babies as much as with the tariff or banking laws. "WOMAN SUFFRAGE WILL INCREASE DIVORCE" There has never been a case on record where political differences between man and woman were given as the reason for divorce. By actual figures the divorce rate has increased more rapidly in the states where women do not vote (see United States Census Bureau Report). "IT WILL CORRUPT WOMEN AND MAKE THEM UNWOMANLY TO GO INTO POLITICS." Very few men "go into politics," and yet most men vote. To be interested in one's country, to try to improve conditions in one's town or village cannot corrupt a woman's character. Voting does not change a woman's nature or interfere with her duties. In the equal suffrage states women are just as woman;y as in the states where they do not vote. Moreover, women vote in their own neighborhood. A pooling place in the states where women vote is as orderly as a church and the same neighbors meet in both places. "WOMEN WOULD WANT ALL THE POLITICAL JOBS." Very few women want to held office of any kind. Most of them are too busy with