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To the Legislature of Virginia The undersigned Petitions most respectfully represent, that whereas Thomas Long a free man of Colour, migrated Into the Commonwealth of Virginia, from the State of N. Carolina some 10 years since, & seteled in the County of Pittsa. & neighborhood of yr petitioners, has taken for a wife a Slave by whom he has four children, the said Long is a mecanic [mechanic] by trade, of orderly and industrious Habits, peaceable and Inoffensive in his Demeanor to all men, and of much use as a Citizen to the Neighborhood; he moved into the State without Knoledge of the Violation of our Laws In such cases. Now, very recently the Said Thomas Long, was proceeded against according to the provisions of the Statute made and provided in such cases & Dealt with accordingly, upon which proceedings, our bounty Court Granted a stay in [illegible] that yr. Petitioners, might pray yr. Genl. Body, to pass a law for the Benefit of said Long. So as to legalize his Citizenship in the Commonwealth for which yr petitioners in duty bound will ever Pray. Jno Keen Geo Wilson Peter Turner Bartlett Jones Geo Adams Martin L. Turner V, F, Keen [illegible] L. Millner Jno. Richard Keen Decater Jones Jno. F. Blair A.E. [illegible]