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Why are good women so afraid of politics? I have asked myself this question many times when I have asked Christian Science Women to join the league of women voters and received the reply they had no time for politics. I knew they had time to belong to other women's organizations and do valiant work in some. I denied that the league of women voters made politicians of us-indeed I seem to be constantly explaining to some one that it is a school for studying citizenship, for efficiency in government, for better laws for women and children, better office holders, and cleaner elections, with no connection whatever with any party, not even the women's party. Some seem to confuse the latter (which was the old Militant suffragettes) with the league of women voters which with the very old organization known as the equal suffrage league. In the eighteen eighties & nineties there were still many socialites in our country where there was no group of women organized into an equal suffrage league, but I think there was no town so small, no country crossroads where the press cartoons of militant suffragettes did not penetrate. There is nothing more subtle & powerful than a newspaper carton of ridicule, nothing so arrests the attention & clings in the memory, the hit or the lesson of it remaining in the readers mind long after the cartoon & newspaper are forgotten. I say nothing more powerful except the truth that the newspaper chooses to ridicule for purposes of its own or perhaps in unawakened ignorance.