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Constitution Article I. The name of this organization shall be Equal Suffrage League of Virginia, auxiliary to the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Article II. The object of this organization shall be to advance the legal, industrial and educational rights of women, and to secure suffrage for women on equal terms with men. Article III. There shall be a president, five vice-presidents, recording, corresponding and press secretary, treasurer and auditor. These officers together with the chairman of the press and legislative committees, shall constitute the executive board. The presidents of the branch leagues, or their proxies, shall form an executive committee to act in conjunction with the executive board at annual meetings. Article IV. The treasurer of each branch league shall send 25 cents per capita to the state treasurer annually, for all paying members. Ten cents of this assessment will be forwarded to the national treasurer and 15 cents be paid into the treasury of the state. Article V. This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote, thirty days notice of a proposed amendment having been sent to all branch leagues. Article VI. The annual meeting shall be held in October, or at such time as the State Board may designate, the branch leagues being entitled to one delegate for every 25 members, or any fraction thereof. The election of state officers shall be by ballot and shall take place at each annual convention. There shall be semi-annual meetings of the executive board, one immediately preceding the convention, the other at the call of the president and two other officers. Five members of the board shall constitute a quorum.