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the membership-at-large, sending out literature to all who request it, investigating information received through various channels as to new sympathizers and possible opportunities for establishing suffrage centers and organizations. No stone is left unturned by our president when such information comes in, and since the last convention she has organized, and aided in the organization of thirteen leagues, which are as follows: Monterey Lexington Hampton Portsmouth Burkeville Suffolk Keswick Princess Anne County League Surry Court House Leesburg Toano Yorktown Roanoke Equal Franchise League. Centers not thoroughly organized: Chesterfield Co Blackstone Amelia Clifton Forge At the last Convention we reported 39 leagues, the Equal Suffrage League of Farmville coming into existence on the eve of the Convention; this number plus the thirteen above mentioned, gives us a total of 52 leagues in Virginia organized within the four years of life of the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia.

Total Enrollment Four separate times requests have been made of the branch leagues to send to Headquarters their total enrollment to date. Only 20 of the 52 leagues complied with this request - therefore, in making up the statement of our increase during the past year, the leagues not notifying the main office of their increase are credited only with the numbers given in some time before. On this basis, we report an increase of about 2000 members during the past year, or a total of 6000 enrolled suffragists.

May Day Celebration The Virginia League co-operated heartily with the plan of the National Association in regard to a nation-wide celebration on