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May 2nd. Letters were sent out from Headquarters to all the branches, and assurances from many were received that this day would be observed. Copies of suffrage songs were received by Headquarters from the National Association free of charge, copies of the Declaration of Independence, and these were in turn forwarded to the branch leagues. [cl, and the day was observed generally throughout out State [all after "leagues" crossed out]. Other Office Work During the month of July, we had the open letter to ministers, by Miss Alice Stone Blackwell, printed, and in addition to the 500 sent direct to ministers from Headquarters, the branch leagues, in the main, [cooperated?] in this campaign and agreed to mail out to the ministers in their vicinities theseletters, of which the State [Office?] mailed a package to each and every league. We have already signed ["signed" crossed out] seen some results from this campaign. During the year approximately 4000 letters were sent out from Headquarters; 356 packages of literature have been sent out to different points in the State by Headquarters in response to requests (about a package a day) at a cost in postage of $106.31 - our treasurer's report will show the other expenses in connection with the great volume of work accomplished during the year. Respectfully Submitted, Alice O. Taylor Secretary.