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PROGRAM WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8TH. 8:30 P.M. Meeting of Executive Committee, Room 630, Jefferson Hotel. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9TH. JEFFERSON HOTEL AUDITORIUM. 11 A.M. Convention called to order by the President, Mrs. B.B.Valentine. Prayer by Rev. S. Roger Tyler, Rector St. Mark's Episcopal Church. Welcome from Equal Suffrage League of Richmond, Mrs. Sally Nelson Robins. Response from Equal Suffrage League of Virgiiia, Mrs. W.T. Yancey, Bedford. Minutes of last Convention, Miss Roberta Wellford. Report of Treasurer, Mrs. E.G. Kidd. Report of Auditor, Mrs. Henry Aylett Sampson. Report of Executive Secretary, read by Miss Adele Clark. Appointment of Committees on Resolutions Credent[ials] Elections. Greetings from Fraternal Delegates: 3 W.C.T.U., Mrs. W,M. Bickers W.P.L.A., Mrs. J. Tyler Jobson. State Federation of Labor, Mr. J.B. Clinedinst, Garment Workers Union, Miss Lillie Barbour. l:00 P.M. Lucheon, Jefferson Hotel; The Rosegill, Adams and Franklin; Arts and Craft, Second and Franklin Streets. 2 P.M. Report of Press Secretary. Miss Mary Day Winn. Reports from branch Leagues: BRANCH LEAGUES IN VIRGINIA. Accomac - Mrs. Ann Fletcher Brown. Onancock - Miss Frances Taylor. Crozet - Mrs. Lizzie B. Wayland. Esmont - Mrs. Charles S. Bennet. Greenwod - Mrs. Frank S. Adams. Ivy - Miss Esther Greene. Keswick - Mrs. Murray Boocock. Albermarie County - Mrs. Harry T. Marshall. Alexandria - Miss Rose MacDonald. Covington - Miss Kate Steele, Secretary. Amherst County - Mrs. Aubrey Strode. Galt;s Mill - Mrs. C.M. Henley. Staunton - Mrs. W.W. King. Bath County - Mrs. Frank Hopkins. Bedford County - Mrs. W.T. Yancey. Brunswick County - Miss Maria Dortch. Mary Johnston - Mrs. Sally Gilliam. Buckinghim County - Mrs. G.l. Morris