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In addition to leagues organized, speeches have been made to many groups of suffragists throughout the State, which groups are in process of organization; and many old Leagues have been revisited [check mark] other Meetings Suffrage speakers have been present at the State Fair most of the County Fairs, Farmers' meetings, and many picnics and other public gatherings and have aided greatly in extending the suffrage "gospel" to people whom it would have been almost impossible for us to reach in any other way. [check mark] Open air Meeting Street meetings also have been held in all of the larger cities of the State, namely Richmond, Norfolk, Newport News, Portsmouth. Roanoke, Lynchburg. The most encouraging reports have been received therefrom and there is no way of estimating the great good that has been accomplished in this manner. Our President has aided the work in South Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey by speaking and helping in the formation of new leagues several members also have worked during their vacation [in[ other States. in these States. Speakers and organizers. Miss Eudora Ramsay, a gifted young woman from South Carolina has been engaged for special work for a month and has been speaking chiefly in the Southwestern part of the State, doing spendid missionary work. she has spoken also in York, Prince William, King William, and other Counties in the Eastern section of the State.