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SOME FACTS ABOUT NORFOLK That - Norfolk-Portsmouth and Norfolk County has a population of 177,623 (official as of July 1,1916) with a metropolitan or shopping population of 325,000. That - Norfolk-Portsmouth have grown nearly one hundred per cent in fifteen years. That - Norfolk-Portsmouth have: 175 miles of Paved Streets 180 miles of Sewers 125 miles of Gas Mains 225 miles of Trolley Lines 400 acres in Public Parks 6 Play Grounds 3 Public Libraries 19 Charitable Institutions 9 Hospitals 180 Churches 53 Public Schools with more than 525 teachers and 19,000 pupils 6 Resorts within one hour's ride 24 Modern Hotels with capacity of 6,000 people 16 Banks 19 Building and Loan Associations 16,000 Telephones Adequate Fire and Police Protection. That=Electric Power can be furnished to large users at lower rates than elsewhere on the Atlantic Seaboard. That- This port ships annually more than" 16,000,000 tones of Coal 350,000 tons of Fertilizer 700,000,000 feet of Lumber 2,800,000 bags of Peanuts 700,000 bales of Cotton $10,000,000,000 worth of Oysters, Crabs, Fish, etc. $16,000,000 worth of Green Goods (vegetables) That-Norfolk is the second greatest port of the United States That - Norfolk's water-borne commerce for 1915 totaled 49,485,560 tons, valued at $2,042,335,814 That-The Harbor of Norfolk including Hampton Roads is the greatest harbor on the Atlantic Coast. That - Norfolk has 9 Railroads and 27 Steamship Lines That - The Navy Yard here covers 273 acres, employing 4,000 men, with an annual pay roll of $3,000,000,000.00 That - The Navy Plant also embraces: Marine Barracks with 87 acres St. Julian's Magazine with 95 acres U.S. Naval Hospital with 80 acres That - The greatest fort in the world is to be constructed at Cape Henry; work will begin at once. Atlantic Coast Printing Corp. 315 Monticello Ave.