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Minutes of the convention, Thursday afternoon The Convention was called to order by the President Mrs. Valentine, at 2:30 o'clock. Invitations from the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce and the Woman's Club, extending their privileges to the deggates were read. The President called upon the Chairman for the report of the Credentials Comm. 84 Members were reported registered. The President called upon Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke. State Chairman of Political Study and Research for her Repot. Report made and accepted. The President called upon Mrs. Leight on Hubard, Ch. of the Elections Committee for her report. On motion of Mrs. Willcox, duly seonded, voted to adopt the plan of Nominations proposed by the Election committee. The Report of the State Chairman of the National Congressional Committee was made by Mrs. Lewis. At this point the Convention was honoured by a visit from Dr. Anna Howard Shaw Hon PResident of teh N.A.W.S.A. The Convention rose to greet her. She spoke on the winning of suffrage in the U.S. and gave advice for work. The President then spoke on the present situation in Virginia. There organization of the Virginia League, and the consequent necessity for a new Constitution; the Non-Partisan Policy, and presented the Recommendations of the Executive Committee. Mrs. Barton Wise, Richmond Moved, duly seconded, to adopt the Resolutions of the Committee. Discussions followed. The previous question was moved by Mrs. Tyler Jobson, the Motion of Mrs. Wise was put to vote and was carried. The President presented the Budget. Made explantion of the pledge of the Virginia League of $5.000 to the National Association. I