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Wednesday morning session of the convention was occupied with a primary for the nomination of officers for the ensuing year--a polling booth and ballot box used in the recent city election having been loaned for this purpose. Reports of the xxx local leagues followed, all showing splendid war service rendered. Election of delegates to the National C0nvention which was next in order was voted to be left to the later decision of the State Board. At the afternoon session, discussion of the budget for the coming year was followed by echoes from the New York campaign given most interestingly by the three members of the Virginia League who assisted New York-- Mrs. F> L. Jobson of Richmond, Mrs. Faith W. Morgan of Newport News, Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke of Richmond. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The president and other state officers having been unanimously nominated for re-election, the recording secretary cast the ballot which re-elected them. The president's comment that the members of the league showed a lack of originality, met with the response from the floor, that the league preferred not to change captain or crew at this juncture, but to be guided safely into the haven of enfranchisement by the present incumbents.