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April 6th-1915. MEMBERSHIP During the past month 81 new members have been added to the Richmond League. Many of these have been secured as a result of addresses made by Mrs. Valentine and Miss Marie Leahey before local unions. Every Thursday meeting results in the addition of new members, and it is gratifying to note the increasing number of strangers who avail themselves of our hospitality. I would like to do justice to Mrs. Frank L. Jobson's untiring efforts to sign up converts - but I fear that is impossible. 30 members for the State have been registered at Headquarters. CORRESPONDENCE. 68 letters have been written in this office for the city, 154 (including the bulletin) for the State, the bulk, however, of the president's correspondence is carried on from her home. 40 press notices concerning City activities have been sent out and 13 for the State. 36 postal cards for the city, and 2 for the State. LITERATURE- 95 requests for literature have been complied with during the month. Since the last meeting of our board, the following leaflets have been added to our stock: 10,000 "Laws of Va-Contrasted" (Ptd. by Ferguson & Sons) $15.00 10,000 "Maps & Statistics (Appeals Press), 9.00 (Cut $1.50 extra-) by 10,000 "The Suffragist" (Appeals Press), 9.00 30,000 leaflets printed by us.