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EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA. BULLETIN. NORMAL SCHOOLS. Dr. P. O. Claxton, U.S. Commissioner of Education, of Washington, D.C. in an address before the State Teachers Association at Harrisonburg predicted that woman suffrage will prevail in Virginia in the near future. About 500 teachers were in attendance. Suffragists are requested to post themselves as to dates of Teachers meetings and sessions of Normal Schools and whenever possible arrange for a suffrage address. The State League will furnish speakers if necessary. SOME SUFFRAGE ACTIVITIES. ADDRESSES. March 1, Mrs. B. B. Valentine, Young Men's Hebrew Association. 19, " " " " , Machinists Union, Richmond. 25, " " " " , Walthall School, near Petersburg. 26, " " " " , Charlotte C.H., Va. April 6, Womans Club, Barton Heights, Richmond. 23, " " " " , Drakes Branch, Va. 26, " " " " , Charles City, Va. April 1, Miss Marie Leahey, of Richmond, Richmond Plumbers Union.

The Pennsylvania & W. Va. suffrage leaders have requested Mrs. Valentine to aid them in their campaign. She will leave shortly for these States where she will make a number of addresses. On March 19, Mrs. J. H. Whitner, President of the Roanoke County Equal Suffrage League, addressed the West Roanoke Civic League: March 26 she spoke before the Fortnightly Club of Roanoke: April 15, she will participate in a debate at South View School, and is planning for an address at Salem. Please notify us of the activities of your League. We are glad to announce the formation of a new League at Charlotte C.H., resulting from the address made there by Mrs. Valentine on Mch. 26. The Richmond Equal Suffrage League is holding weekly meetings at Headquarters. The attendance is always large and the membership steadily increasing. It is now nearing the 2000 mark. Mr. L. R. Whipple will address the Richmond League, Thursday, April 1st, when he will organize a class in public speaking. LITERATURE. We are enclosing price list and samples of suffrage literature on sale at Headquarters. We are in position to furnish this literature on short notice. Alice O. Taylor, Executive Secretary. March 30, 1915.