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Report Executive and Press Secretary. November, 11, 1919. Work at Headquarters since the last meeting of the Board had consisted chiefly of correspondence and circularization of our chairmen and of various groups of people throughout the State, calling attention to the coming Convention and to the necessaity for intensive work between the present time and the regular session of our Legislature Meetings: On October, 21, we had the extreme pleasure of hearing our beloved friend and pioneer suffragist, Miss Mary Johnston, the novelist. Miss Johnston gave us an inspiring and stirring speech which will long live in our memories, and which is calculated to spur us on to greater effort for the success of our cause. Other speakers for the month were: Mrs. Eudora Ramsay Richardson, Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke, chairman Mrs. William Gemmell, Mrs. Gertrude Skelton Hobson, Miss Bessie P. Taylor. Mrs. W. S. McNeill, chairman. Each of these speakers brought to us a message of encouragement for the work which is ahead of us. The principal ["al" crossed out, "le" written over it] of equal suffrage being an acknowledged fact, we are confirming ourselves this season to [xxx] discussions of ways and means for making it an accomplished fact.

last Friday Our members ["have" crossed out] assisted Mrs. Kate Pleasants Minor/in selling the