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-4- Holland, E. A. Sharp, H. Wooward, Miss Florance Harvey, Miss Julia Brinkley, Mrs W. H. Dick, Colonal and Mrs. J. E. West, Miss Effie Beale, Miss Ella Beale, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Jones, Dr. and Mrs J. E. Rawles, Dr. D. L. Rawles, Mrs J. F. Rawles, Mrs. John Butler and W. W. Ballard, all of Suffolk, Va; Miss Maggie Booth and Mrs. J. R. Bell, of Wakefield, Va. From Mrs. John Paul, of Harrisonburg, I have had the follwing list to whom letters and literature have been forwarded: Mrs M. G. Bear Mrs Frank Nicholas Miss Sue L Bradley Miss F. C. Speck, Harrisonburg; Miss Lida Cleveland, Miss Lou