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literature has been brought by correspondence from National to headquarters in Richmond, which has served as a distributing center. Much of the most valuable literature issued from the Richmond office, however, has been written by members of the State League, Miss Johnston, Mrs. Bosher, Mrs. Lewis, Miss Adele Clark and Miss Lucy Mason, speeches made before the Legislature by the three first being published as leaflets, and Miss Clark's "Facts and Fallacies" embodying her reply to statements made in "The Ladies' BGattle," by Miss Molly Elliott Seawell as a booklet. This booklet and another by Miss Mason, who has treated the suffrage question with regard to its religious and social aspect in a most illuminating manner, have gone for and wide and done much in arousing the public mind to a correct idea of the real purpose of suffrage and what it is destined to accomplish. A most important publication, "Virginia State Laws Concerning Women," compiled by distinguished lawyers in Norfolk and Richmond, has aroused great attention. It has not only gone throughout Virginia, but has been sent to hundreds of men and women in different sections of the country, who have been desirous to get the information it contains. The work of league making has been constantly increasing and as the suffrage organization has grown so has the work at Headquarters widened out, to meet new demands, forms new associations and to give welcome to new groups of comrades. From every standpoint the experience at Headquarters, of reaching out to the States people, and of unifying them on the most vital questions of the day, has been an experience that has far more than justified all effort that might be made, or that could be made. With a realizing sense of the importance of what has been done and the importance of much more that remains to be done, this report is respectully submitted. Alice M. Tyler, sec'y Equal Suffrage League of Va.