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[Image of a military ambulance. The driver is looking out the window. In the foreground are two men holding an empty stretcher. Between them and the truck is a third man and all four are looking at a man to their left who appears to be holding a clipboard]

Shown above is Pfc. JOHN E. BALLARD, left, of Hadlock [VA], as he awaits orders from Cpl. Walter A. Anderson, right, of Goodman Mo. Pictured, left to right, are Ballard; T-5 FRANK J. SURMA of Detroit, Mich.; Pfc. FRANK J. BURGESS of Andover, Mass.; Pfc. CHARLIE C. NIX of Alto, Ga., and Anderson.

AN EIGHTH AAF COMPOSITE STATION—England— At this Combat Crew Replacement Center Pfc. John E. Ballard is assigned to the station hospital as an ambulance driver.

The work of the Medical Department in areas of combat has been well publicized as one of the chief glories of this war, but the equally important work that is being done at the countless small hospitals and sick quarters throughout the British Isles has been performed quietly and efficiently, with a minimum of publicity.

At a station hospital, such as the one at this field, the patients range from those suffering the common GI ailments of colds and athlete's foot to flyers injured in aircraft accidents. It is due to the untiring zeal of the personnel of those hospitals that the health of the American soldier is so good. A combat airman who is not well cannot fly, and the Medical Department can well say that it is they who "keep 'em flying."

In the Army 19 month, Pfc. Ballard has spent the last ten months in the European Theater of Operations. Prior to his army service he attended Willis Wharf High School, in Exmore, and subsequently was employed as a carpenter and truck driver. A brother, Staff Sgt. Dale T. Ballard, is also in the Army Air Forces. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ballard of Hadlock.