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REGIMENTAL NEWS NOTES Gossip and Pertinent Facts Relating to the Camp Life of the Various Regimental and Company Unites.

317TH INFANTRY Company A. Two of our cooks went to Hopewell the other night. They received the command, "Hands overhead, raise!" at the point of a pistol, and left their watches and pocketbooks. The boys of Company A have organized a stringed orchestra, and already have about a dozen instruments. and now music fills the barracks, and will be quite a source of pleasure to us when we do our turn "over there." Private Massie Mason took Private Smiley out for a little hike last Thursday. We certainly hope it improved Smiley's health.

Company B. Acting Sergeant Averill insists that O. D. means outside diameter. Corporal Stultz has developed the theory that when the command, "Take interval to the right—march," is given, the only thing to be done is guide right, while Private S. Fields says, "they put up their arms." Private Oscar Dotson has grown so military that when on post, leather leggings, even on civilians, bring forth his snappiest salute. "Baby" I. Fields has sufficiently recovered from his recent injury that he is over to shoot pool again. Private Cope is unable to decide whether he is going to be a champion prize fighter or a trained nurse.

Company C. Acting First Sergeant Davis went to Richmond the other night for the avowed purpose of calling on