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December 5, 1944. Dear Brother, I will now take pleasure in answering you nice letter which I received night before last. I was as usual glad to hear from you. And to know that you and Lil were well. Also glad to say I am enjoying the very best of health. Your letter was mailed on Nov 15th that made pretty good time considering the way mail has been coming for the past month. I received a letter from Willye and one from Dad the same time I received yours. they were also mailed at the same time. that's the first time I had heard from home in about two long weeks. Dad reported both well, and was telling me about he and mother planning to come over and see you. Was sorry to know about Lil getting laid off. I think she has a good record. hope she will soon find another job. I know she will feel much better working than just loafing around. I imagine you would have stayed in [town?] as long or longer than I did. Nothing ever did happen from it. Although one smart person tried to have something done but he wasn't big enough and it almost broke his poor little heart. that's the army! Our weather continues to be very bad. lots of rain and high wind. But not as cold