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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY OFFICE OF THE QUARTERMASTER GENERAL WASHINGTON 25, D.C. IN REPLY REFER TO 1 November 1949 Sgt. Edward F. Middleton, 38 228 350 Group Burial United States Military Cemetery Hamm, Luxembourg Mr. John E. Middleton Box 184 Parksley, Virginia Dear Mr. Middleton: The Department of the Army desires that you be given the most recent information concerning your son, the late Sergeant Edward F. Middleton, ASH 38 228 350. The American Graves Registration SErvice in their serarch for deceased American personnel recovered certain remains from the area in which your son and others of his comrades met their death. As identifications could not be established at the time of the recovery, Unknown designations were assigned pending further invetigation, and temporary interments were made in a United States Military Cemetery overseas.