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THE BAYONET: CAMP LEE, VA., FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1918 NINE BASEBALL TRACK FOOTBALL BOXING WRESTLING BASKETBALL SPORTING NEWS Conducted by Sergeant Oscar C. Seikel 320th Infantry FAST GAMES BEING PLAYED FOR THE BASKETBALL TITLE Final Round Being Played for Divisional Championship, Bringing Brigade Winners Together in Exciting Games. The Bayonet Trophy Adds Stimulus. The teams which are coming down the last stretch of the divisional basketball championship are putting up a nerve-racking race. The brigade champions have been matched, and are putting up a great battle. There have been many upsets in various games that have been carded which makes the outcome more uncertain as the final games are approaching. The teams which are holding the limelight at present are Machine-Gun Company of the 319th Infantry, champions of the 160th Brigade; Company G, 305th Ammunition Train, and Battery B, 314th Field Artillery, champions of the 155th Artillery Brigade. The 319th team took the measure of the 320th Infantry representatives last week in a close contest. The Ammunition team has been going along at a steady pace, and is managing to win its games in good order. The trophy which THE BAYONET will award the winning team has been designed, and will be on hand at the close of the season. Dieges & Clust, the foremost medal and trophy manufacturers in the United States, have been given the order. The trophy will be an especially designed plaque, with the proper inscription emblematic of the division championship, as well as the name of the company and the individuals on the team. The offering of a trophy seems to have added stimulus to the teams, and each game is contested harder than earlier in the season. 319th Team Victor The Machine-Gun Company basketball team of the 319th Infantry, winners of the regimental championship, met and defeated Company G, 320th Infantry, for the brigade honors last Saturday night, 22 to 17. The auditorium was crowded with loyal rooters and followers of both teams. There was a big display of enthusiasm on both sides as to which team would be the victor before the games started, with calls and yells being shouted from one side of the hall to the other.