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THE BAYONET: CAMP LEE, VA., FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1918 NINE BASEBALL TRACK FOOTBALL BOXING WRESTLING BASKETBALL SPORTING NEWS Conducted by Sergeant Oscar C. Seikel 320th Infantry FAST GAMES BEING PLAYED FOR THE BASKETBALL TITLE Final Round Being Played for Divisional Championship, Bringing Brigade Winners Together in Exciting Games. The Bayonet Trophy Adds Stimulus. The teams which are coming down the last stretch of the divisional basketball championship are putting up a nerve-racking race. The brigade champions have been matched, and are putting up a great battle. There have been many upsets in various games that have been carded which makes the outcome more uncertain as the final games are approaching. The teams which are holding the limelight at present are Machine-Gun Company of the 319th Infantry, champions of the 160th Brigade; Company G, 305th Ammunition Train, and Battery B, 314th Field Artillery, champions of the 155th Artillery Brigade. The 319th team took the measure of the 320th Infantry representatives last week in a close contest. The Ammunition team has been going along at a steady pace, and is managing to win its games in good order. The trophy which THE BAYONET will award the winning team has been designed, and will be on hand at the close of the season. Dieges & Clust, the foremost medal and trophy manufacturers in the United States, have been given the order. The trophy will be an especially designed plaque, with the proper inscription emblematic of the division championship, as well as the name of the company and the individuals on the team. The offering of a trophy seems to have added stimulus to the teams, and each game is contested harder than earlier in the season. 319th Team Victor The Machine-Gun Company basketball team of the 319th Infantry, winners of the regimental championship, met and defeated Company G, 320th Infantry, for the brigade honors last Saturday night, 22 to 17. The auditorium was crowded with loyal rooters and followers of both teams. There was a big display of enthusiasm on both sides as to which team would be the victor before the games started, with calls and yells being shouted from one side of the hall to the other. The 319th Band was on hand to enliven the occasion, and managed to do its share to make the occasion a lively one. Popular airs were played before the game and during the intermission. Every one that crowded into the hall seemed to be in the mood to do some rooting, and let loose with yells to encourage the players. The game started with both teams on the alert for the first few minutes of play. The 319th team has always been a slow-starting team, and this element was rather in evidence in this game. It took no chances, and contented itself in holding back from being the aggressor. The 320th team put on a full steam and went into the battle with full force. The guarding of both teams was plainly the feature during the first half, which ended, 7 to 5 in favor of the 320th team. The second period opened with a rush, and the play livened to such an extent that there were times when it seemed to be developing into rough tactics. However, the game was held in check by the officials, and no trouble arose from the offenses committed by players. The Machine-Gun boys took all sorts of chances and soon had a lead on their opponents. It was only a matter of a few minutes when it was noticeable that the pace was telling on Company G. Nixon and Shafer were the whirlwinds for the winning team, while Callahan's playing and McCoon's foul shooting were the main features for the losing team. All the men played played a good hard game. The 319th representatives were clearly the better team, as far as teamwork was concerned. It put up a better aggressive game in the last period than its rivals. The line-up; M. G., 319th. C. G., 320th. Shafer.........forward...... Callahan Yourd............forward..... McCoon Alter...........center.......... Dorsey Nixon..........guard...... Henderson Miller..........guard........... Irwin Summary: goals-Callahan, 3; Shafer, 2; Yourd, 2; Nixon, 3. Foul goals-McCoon, 11 out of 15; Shafer, 8 out of 15. Substitute-Johnson for Alter. Referee, Lieutenant R. J. Paul. Umpire, Mackey. Field Signal Wins. Company A of the 304th Field Signal Battalion, put the Division Headquarters team out of the running, by handing it a 15-to-11 defeat. The game was close from the start, with the signal team gaining the advantage by dropping the ball for goals from long [AD: Boys! Reserve Accommodations for Mother, Sister and Wifie Dear. Hotel Dixie (European) B.R. WALZER Manager, Union and Washington Sts., PETERSBURG, VA., Opposite A.C.L. Depot.] [AD: "BEFORE GOING OVER" Have Your Photo Taken at Stanley's Photo Studio No. 124-A N. Sycamore St., Petersburg, Va., Anything From Postcards Up to Life Size. Amateur Finishing a Specialty.] [continued from column I] range. McCarthy and Musser put up a star game for the winners. They covered the field in fast style and outwitted their opponents in clever passing. The line-up: Company A. Headquarters. Musser.........forward......... Cosby Ladd...........forward.......... Reed McCarthy.......center........... Riley McCluskey......guard.......Eisenbeis Clayssen........guard..........Tillson Summary: goals-Musser, 3; McCarthy, 3; Ladd, Cosby, Riley, Eisenbeis. Foul goals-Musser, 2; Eisenbeis, 5; Ladd. Referee, Callahan.