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THE BAYONET: CAMP LEE, VA., FRIDAY, MAY 10, 1918 by means of allotment or the government by means of allowance. 28-Q. Must the soldier make allotment and the government make the allowance, if claimed, in all cases where he has a divorced wife to whom alimony has been decreed or ordered to be paid? A. No. Any allotment made by the solider to a divorced wife in payment of alimony is at all times subject to the prior claims for allotment and allowance of his present wife, his present wife's children, his illetigi-mate children, his adopted children and his children by his divorced wife, if any there be. If the soldier has a present legal wife, or a common-law wife, allotment must first be made to her and her allowance from the government claimed. If he also has children, of any of the kinds just mentioned, proper allotments and allowance must be made for them along with his wife. If the total amount of the allowances claimed for his present wife and such children is less than $50 monthly, the government will pay that difference, or such portion of it as equals the amount of alimony due such divorced wife. Such portion of the alimony as is in excess to or greater than the difference will not be paid by the government, and need not be paid by the soldier by means of additional compulsory or voluntary allotments.