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THE BAYONET: CAMP LEE, VA., [illegible] 10, 1918 ELEVEN REGIMENTAL NEWS NOTES Gossip and Pertinent Facts Relating to the Camp Life of the Various Regimental and Company Units. DEPOT BRIGADE Hq. Det. First Training Battalion. This was a week of few doings, aside of getting about 1,000 white recruits and 1,100 colored recruits things were rather quiet around these diggings. Every one is working hard, so we could have few doings for THE BAYO-net. But watch our for next week. Take note-The adjutant, entering the office this morning, inquired if anything came in. One of the clerks answered, No, sir; and the adjutant walked out again. First Company. The First Company sure is a company now. When they go on a hike with their 35 men it looks like a battalion instead of a company. First has been filled with able-bodied men for the last three months. With Sergeants Auld, Flude and Pierce back for duty from the line officers, we now have a staff of cadres that cannot be equaled in the group.