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THE BAYONET: CAMP LEE, VA., [illegible] 10, 1918 ELEVEN REGIMENTAL NEWS NOTES Gossip and Pertinent Facts Relating to the Camp Life of the Various Regimental and Company Units. DEPOT BRIGADE Hq. Det. First Training Battalion. This was a week of few doings, aside of getting about 1,000 white recruits and 1,100 colored recruits things were rather quiet around these diggings. Every one is working hard, so we could have few doings for THE BAYO-net. But watch our for next week. Take note-The adjutant, entering the office this morning, inquired if anything came in. One of the clerks answered, No, sir; and the adjutant walked out again. First Company. The First Company sure is a company now. When they go on a hike with their 35 men it looks like a battalion instead of a company. First has been filled with able-bodied men for the last three months. With Sergeants Auld, Flude and Pierce back for duty from the line officers, we now have a staff of cadres that cannot be equaled in the group. The recruits of this company should feel proud and consider themselves lucky that they happened to get under the wing of these competent instructors. Sergeant Currier is on S. D. with the M. P. Good job for him, as it will save him car fare, and he will be in the districts every day that he so oftenly visited. Sergeants Sandulak and Daniels are on S.D. with the colored company. How the two can take care of 270 men is a mystery to us, but they are doing it just the same. With only five days' training under their careful instructions they were able to do their bit at guard duty, which shows very good to the credit of the instructors. What the word mess means we sure have it. The mess hall was built to feed 150 men at one time. The word we got from Sergeant Rothschild, our mess Sergeant, that just the other day he fed 450 men at one meal. That's going some, and when he can stretch 200 meals to 450 is still more than we can answer. How he does it we don't know, but he does it just the same, and all we know is that we are hungrier after dinner than we were before. Second Company. Second Company is once again filled up with new men, having received about 225 new drafted men from Philadelphia. Sergeant Petrikin is back again from his five days' sojourn in the wild and woolly west of Johnstown, Pa. Some of our sergeants are going to try and get to be officers. More power to them as second lieutenants. Privates Hoke, Santucci and Balisky are now military police, and therefore the training cadre need never be afraid to go to the wonderful city of Petersburg. Santucci and Balisky are very much experienced men in this line, both having been high officials in their home town in Italy. Sergeant McGahan has finally decided to become an officer. Sergeant Goldbloom has presented the office force with one of his pictures; it is the best thing we have, and will have it enlarged later. Sergeant Davis is very busy issuing clothing just now. In fact, so busy that he had forgotten to give any dope for THE BAYONET. Third Company. At last we have got back to our old bunks, and we hope to stay for a while. Looks like France for the Depot Brigade, as the supply officer for the Third Company is giving out full field equipment for the whole company, Sergeant Marks included, although we never see him on the drill field. We wish our newly appointed sergeant all the luck in the world, and we can only advise him to stay away from the dance halls. The new rookies are very much worried about the cut up of the Third Company, as he seems very much worried-about-mail not going out to Manor, Pa., until the division moves. Captain Matthews has great hopes for the new baseball team. Of course, we cannot blame them for not winning the first two games they played. Luck to Supply Sergeant Duncan, who is just back from ten days' furlough. Sergeant Paul Duncan just finished a three months' course at the U. S. R. Officers' Line Training School, and we all hope Sergeant Duncan will soon get commissioned.