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TWELVE THE BAYONET: CAMP LEE, VA., FRIDAY, MAY 10, 1918 would certainly get at the job promptly that afternoon. The rookie walked away apparently quite satisfied. The Third Battalion Headquarters' men are once again with us for mess. "Louse" Lappin and Nick Honsaker as usual amuse us with their tales of wild life. Forty-first Company. On May 1, 1918, the 41st Separate Company was transferred to the 11th Provisional and organized as the 41st Company of that battalion. The recruits assigned to this company come from the Virginia quota of the April draft. At the present time the company has not distinguished itself, but each day brings to light the latent abilities of the various recruits. Notably that one recruit is a glass and fire eater with the ability to drink forty (40) gallons of water. The men physically are in fair shape, but it has been noticed by several of the officers that after an hour or so of hard drill that even the strongest develop bad cases of "blind staggers." Will some kind "medico" describe the symptoms of the disease so it can be detected in its early stages-we have the cure. Forty-second Company. "It takes a long, slim, dark-skinned man to make a German lay his rifle down." We are on the job all right-we have about 250 in this company. Perhaps some will be slimmer later and some might be darker like some of the rest, and what some of us miss in being "long" we make up in pep. We are sure to get those rifles. We have a veteran of the Eightieth Division in our company. Moses White served in this division last fall. For some unaccountable reason he was sent home, and he is now having a fine time drilling us when the officers find we need extra instruction. We went on guard this week. The guard house was not finished, and when we heard were to sleep in the mess hall as a guard house we had pleasant anticipations. Hang that cook. He locked everything up tight. Corporal X-Sir, I have a very important question to ask. You say the corporals can't roll bones with the privates, but is there any objection to the corporals having a few friendly passes just 'mongst themselves? We had a sociable gathering the night we all got settled. We had a sociable gathering the night we all got settled. We had songs. Songs we used to sing and new songs taught us by the engineers, who came over to teach us. We had a few buck-and-wing selections, too, by members of the company. Man, you just ought to hear our harmony. Ask "stove pipe." Thirty-third Company. The 43d Company is one of the newest in the Depot Brigade. It's in a battalion that is as equally new, but it certainly means business. Its ball team has already defeated the old 41st Company's team to the tune of 7 to 6. Acting Corporal Rufus E. Knox, of the 43d, claims to be the best trap drummer in seven counties, and he promises to beat them all as soon as he gets his drum.