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CAMP LEE, VA., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1918. ELEVEN SPORTING PAGE LIEUTENANT O.C. SEIKEL, Sporting Editor. SPEED AND BRAWN SUPREME AT C. O. T. S. ATHLETIC MEET Most Enthusiastic and Spirited Meet Ever Staged at Athletic Field. Student Officers Make Great Showing-Contests Interesting. The athletic meet of the Central Officers' Training School, held at the Camp Athletic field last Saturday, was a huge success. Paramount was the enthusiasm and cheering of the men lining the field and lending their efforts in song and encouraging shouts to the contestants. The fifty-piece band was right on the job and livened the moments between events. The men entered in the events fought valiantly in their endeavors to gain the coveted honors of speed, skill, strength and endurance. Several hundred men participated, while thousands of fellow-students lined the field. The meet rivaled a large college meet or football game. Among the spectators were notable personages of the camp. Brigadier-General Hedekin spent the afternoon on the field. Colonel Harry A. Eaton, commander of the Central Officers' Training Camp, and many of his officer were there. Majors James D. Isaacs and John C. Shaw, Jr., were another two of the big men of the training school who had a place in the afternoon's schedule. The grandstands likewise did their part to make the meet the one it was. There were chrysanthemums even, and girls went with the chrysanthemums, and there was a cheer leader, and sections which syncopated with the music, and those are the things which put the final touches to a track meet which rises to heights that are notable. And the men who ran and jumped, and tugged at ropes, and labored over and under and through the obstacles, and assembled packs, and did such things out in the field were good. Running regulation breeches and shoes will never make world's records, but the men who worked through the events on Saturday last did their best to equal them. Most amusing among the events was the obstacle race. Effort was made understandable in the 1,000-yard run. Brawn was supreme in the rope rush; speed personified in the sprints, whip-cord muscles won in the jumps and just downright army ability and training won in the assembling of the packs. Not unusual in the army, but remarkable, nevertheless, was the spirit of the whole afternoon. There was no "quibbling over the minutiae"; not an argument with a judge, and this alone was sufficient to make the track meet a success. Fast Men in Races. The track was slow and soft. None of the men were allowed to use spiked shoes or track suits, but participated in their regular service trousers and service shoes. In spit of the handicap in equipment, Allan W. Swede, of the Eighteenth Company, won the 1,000-yard run in two minutes and fifty seconds. Swede at present holds the two-mile interscholastic world's record and the world's interscholastic indoor record for indoor tracks on both the half-mile and the mile. He is from Mercersburg, Pa. Swede entered the school from Princeton. Harold I. Zimmerman, of Norristown, Pa., with the same impediments in equipment, made the 100 yards in ten and four-fifths seconds. Zimmerman holds the Eastern interscholastic record for the 100-yard dash, which he made in 1910. He was coach at Haverford College when he entered the school. Summary: 100-yard dash-First, Zimmerman, twenty-second Company, 10-4; second [illegible], Fourteenth Company; third [illegible] Danti, Twenty-fifth Company; [illegible], Eighteenth Company. Obstacle race-Jermain, Thirtieth Company; Lebow, Thirty-first Company; Hughes, Twenty-ninth Company [illegible]-yard dash-Mayer, Twenty-[illegible] Company; time, 1 minute, 3-5 second; Miller, Twenty-sixth Company Schucker, Seventeenth Company [illegible] rush-Fourth Battalion, first; [illegible] Battalion, second; Fifth Battalion third. [illegible] yard run - Swede, Eighteenth Company, 2 minutes, 50 seconds; Cos- [illegible] Twenty-seventh Company; Pat- [illegible] twenty-third Company, [illegible] jump - Lapelge, Twenty-seventh company, 5 feet 7 inches, first; Thirtieth Company; Muinane, [illegible] third Company, tied for second 5 feet 6 inches. [illegible] pound shot put - Elk, Eighth Company, 48 feet 2 1/2 inches; Thirteenth Company, 46 feet 2 inches Moon, Detach. Third Battalion 46 feet. [illegible] jump - Spring, Fourteenth [illegible] 17 feet 11 inches; Mitchell, Third Company, 17 feet 7 1/2 inches, Larson, Thirtieth Company, 17 feet [illegible] inches. Assembling race - Steve, Eigh[illegible] Company; Gefstein, Twenty-[illegible] Company; McMahon, Four-[illegible] Company. [illegible] yard relay, battalion - First [illegible] Battalion, time, 1 minute, [illegible] seconds; second, Fifth Battalion [illegible] Sixth Battalion. [illegible] drill - First, Eighteenth Company [illegible] second, Twentieth Company; [illegible] Twenty-second Company. [illegible] battalions - First, Fourth [illegible] 44 1/2 points; second, Sixth Battalion, 34 points; third, Firth Battalion [illegible] points. Winners by companies - First, Eighteenth Company, 20 1/2 points; second, Twenty-second Company, 10 points; third, Fourteenth Company, 9 points. Officials. Judges - Captain G. F. Smith, Captain R. L. Davis, Lieutenant George [illegible], Jr., Captain P. A. Jennings, Lieutenant G. M. Burrow. Announcer - Lieutenant Samuel K. [illegible] Starter - Captain Frank Glick. [illegible] yard dash - Lieutenant McGurk. Running high jump - Lieutenant Scully Obstacle race - Lieutenant John Richardson. 440-yard dash - Lieutenant B. F. Avery. Rope rush - Lieutenant Lingenfelter. 1,000 yard run - Lieutenant Mitchell. Running broad jump - Lieutenant Collinge. Twelve-pound shot put - Lieutenant Gofarth. Pack assembling race - Lieutenant W. A. Seyffert. Squad drill - Captain John C. Shaw, Jr. Scorer - Captain E. LeRoy. ORGANIZE CAMP FOOTBALL LEAGUE Weekly Games to Be Played at Athletic Field for Camp Championship. A football league has been organized of teams in camp by Captain Frank Glick, camp athletic officer, to play a schedule of games for championship honors. At present there are six teams on the gridiron and the series calls for each team to meet the other in deciding the championship. Games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays, one game each day at the Camp athletic field, starting tomorrow. A sliver trophy has been donated and will be presented to the winning team. As the schedule is arranged as a round-robin tournament, the possibility of a tie resulting a provision has been made to play the leading teams, in this event, at the close of the regular schedule of games. Schedule of games: Nov. 16 - Utilities vs. Eighth Battalion I. R. C., on Athletic Field. Nov. 16 - Veterinary Training School vs. Motor Transportation, on Veterinary Training School. Nov. 17 - Cooks and Bakers vs. Laundry Unit, on Athletic Field. Nov. 23 - Laundry Unit vs. Utilities, on Athletic Field. Nov. 23 - Eight Battalion I. R. C. vs. Veterinary Training School, on Veterinary Training Field. Nov. 24 - Motor Transportation vs. Cooks and Bakers, on Athletic Field. Dec. 1 - Cooks and Bakers vs. Veterinary Training School, on Athletic Field. Dec. 7 - Veterinary Training School vs. Laundry Unit, on Veterinary Training Field. Dec. 8 - Eight Battalion I. R. C. vs. Motor Transportation, on Athletic Field. Dec. 14 - Utilities vs. Veterinary Training School, on Athletic Field. Dec. 14 - Cooks and Bakers vs. Eight Battalion I. R. C. on Veterinary Training School. Dec. 15 - Motor Transportation vs. Laundry Unit, on Athletic Field. TOMORROW IS WELFARE DAY. MANY ACTIVITIES PLANNED Holiday Declared - Program of Athletics and Entertainments Arranged in Behalf of United War Work Campaign. Saturday has been designated as Camp Welfare Day. The day will be given over to athletic and entertainment programs in honor of the service rendered to this camp by the seven organizations engaged in welfare work, and recognized by the Government as such. Beginning at 9:30 A. M. and continued until 3:30 P. M. there will be a series of athletic events at the Athletic Field. Attention is invited to the fact that the Athletic Field has been changed. These events will take place on the field just north of Avenue B at Twenty-seventh Street. Visitors will be permitted to enter camp at 9 A. M. The following is program of athletic events to be held, beginning at 9:30 A. M. on the Athletic Field just nort hof [north of] Avenue B at Twenty-seventh Street: Rifle relay race, twenty men on a team. Sprinting tug of war, twenty-five men on a team. Medicine ball race, twenty-five men on a team. Centipede race, ten men on a team. Rescue race, two men on a team. In the rescue race, each battalion or separate unit may enter three teams of six men. In all other events only one team will be entered. There will also be a bayonet drill conducted by the camp bayonet instructor, with a picked class of officers from the Bayonet School. Other Games. There will be a volleyball tournament for the championship of the Camp, conducted by Mr. Wintermute, of the Y. M. C., on the field opposite the Liberty Theatre, near the Y. M. C. A. Auditorium, starting at 9:30 A. M. Each battalion or separate unit may enter as many teams as they desire, each team consisting of six players. There will be a cageball tournament, conducted by Mr. Hehrline, of the Y. M. C. A., on the drill field east of the Camp Headquarters Bandstand, starting at 9:30 A. M. Each battalion or separate until may enter one team consisting of fifty men. All smaller units that cannot arrange to participate in the above events will arrange their own athletic program with the assistance of Y. M. C. A., K. of C. or Jewish Welfare Physical Director in their district. There will be a football match between the Camp Utilities and the Eight Battalion, Replacements, Training Center, teams on the Camp Athletic Field at 2:45 P. M. Preliminary to this the finals in the cageball tournament will be conducted, starting at 2:15 P. M. The above football game is a championship game in the camp League. There will be a football match (championship game) between the Veterinary Training School and the Motor Transport teams on the Veterinary Training Field, located on the field west of the railroad tracks, near the Veterinary Training School, starting at 3 P. M. Preliminary to this there will be a polo exhibition match between two picked officers' teams, starting at 2 P. M. Appropriate prizes will be given to all the above events. To the battalion or separate unit making the best showing in the day's athletic program, a box of athletic material, valued $175, will be presented. There will be an entertainment at the Y. M. C. A. Auditorium, starting at 7 P. M., at which select talent of the various welfare organizations will perform. Harold I. Zimmerman Winner of 100-Yard Dash. OFFICIALS OF THE C.O.T.S. FIELD MEET Footbal [Football] Games. Saturday - Utilities vs. Eight Battalion I. R. C. at Camp Athletic Field, 2:30 P. M. Veterinary Training School vs. Motor Transportation at Vets Field, 2:30 P. M. Sunday - Cooks and Bakers vs. Laundry Unit, at Camp Athletic Field, 2:30 P. M. INTER-HUT QUOIT TOURNEY. Semi-finals in the inter-hut quoit tournament engaged in by the Y. M. C. A. men were concluded this week, resulting as follows: Roberts, of 82, defeated Wintermute, of the Big "Y," two straights, 21 to 12 and 21 to 15. Hehrline, of 55, defeated Mayes, the star thrower of 56, by the scores of 21 to 10 and 21 to 18. Dayton, camp athletic director, put Creighton, of the administrative force, on the blink by 21 to 10 and 21 to 14. Roberts, Hehrline and Dayton will now scrap it out in the finals. Each will be entitled to a token of proficiency, however, since the rules of contest provide for an award of medals to the winner and two runners-up. The schedule for the finals will be Hehrline vs. Dayton, the winner to play Roberts for first honors. THE ONE WAY. Bill - You'll git busted for that smarty! Tom - What'cha mean busted? How o'r they bust a buck private? Bill - Reduce 'im to a bugler, by jimmy! ROUNDING THE TURN. GOOD BOUTS OF CARD AT OFFICERS' TRAINING SCHOOL Three Nights of Pugilistic Endeavors On the Part of Student Officers The boxing tournament at the Twenty-third Company, C. O. T. S., gets better every night as the men become eliminated. Three nights of fast and furious fighting gave amusement to men and officers last week. Monday evening saw Steve Davis pounded Garvey around the ring so rapidly that Lieutenant Babcock stopped the bout before the first round was over. R. E. Fisher and O'Grady went at it with all that was in them, and, although the Irishman tried his best, Fisher got the decision. The star bout was between Louis E. Smith and Hilbrandt. Both boys slugged hard, but Smith had the science and landed harder when he got through Hilbrandt's guard. He won the decision by reason of this. Kall and McIsaac put up rather a tame exhibition. In a fast go, McMillan and Burgoyne, a pair of 120-pounders, battled to a draw. Gustin met Fields, but "B. V. D." wasn't near a match for Gloomy Gus, who never had to exert himself in the least. Tuesday evening furnished some good sport. Fuller and DeWitt tried to pound the daylights out of one another. Fuller succeeded to a great extent than DeWitt and hence got the decision. Patton outclassed Matlock without exertion. "Leatherneck" Holmes and Hecht put up a "made in the Eighteenth squad" exhibition. So that neither would get hurt, the referee called it a draw. Freeman and Gannon also drew, although Freeman was more aggressive than Gannon. Hill outclassed Kane in weight, reach and scientific attainment and he had but little trouble in getting the decision. Myers and Bigger furnished great sport with the gentleman from Mississippi, getting the decision ever Bigger. Clever Work. The best bouts came on Thursday. MacWilliam and Hixenbaugh put up a battle royal. Mac landed on Hixenbaugh's nose with the regularity which amounted to a cadence. Hixy came back with body punches which stepped the Bethelhemite for a few minutes, but they were not sufficient to win the decision. Mac won by a shade. Goodwin boxed Armor, and, although both boys worked hard, Armor got the decision on aggressiveness. Orrel, although smaller all around than Hoag, played with the big fellow. Malikowski won from Morgan in a handy fashion. Morgan always came back for more, and the little Pole had to exert himself, although there never was a question about the winner. Martin and Bennett furnished the hair-raiser of the evening. Both boys had science. Martin missed many opportunities early in the match. The bout went four rounds in order to [illegible] decision. Bennett won by his [illegible] come-back in the fourth. OLAN SWEDE, Winner of 1,000-Yard Dash. C. O. T. S. HOLD INDOOR MEET ON HALLOWE'EN Representatives from all the school troops, companies and headquarters' company at the C. O. T. S. engaged in some thrilling athletic events last Thursday evening at Y 53. From the time entry lists were made up and handed in by the five companies taking part interest and company spirit was intense. The first event, the high jump, brought out some good taken and furnished a close contest, Company "A" finally winning. The Indian or [illegible] wrestle caused much excitement, the contestants striving by strength of leg to bring glory to their company. After the process of elimination, Woodansee, of Company "B," took the honors. The 100-yard dash was more exciting by far than an army fire drill.The contestants, down on all fours, dashed a boxing glove across the floor and then back to the starting point. After two or three false starts, caused by the eagerness of the participants to beat the starter, the race was on. [illegible] of Company "A," was an easy winner, the other contestants becoming mixed up with each other in the center of the floor. This event was a decided "hit." The individual tug-of-war ended, after several eliminating rounds, with [illegible] of Company "D," who must, to judge from his opponent's remarks, weigh several hundred pounds, a good [illegible]. The shot-put as an athletic event was practically nil, the "put" [illegible] in crossing the feet and [illegible] kicking a broom for distance. The [illegible] were closely contested. Jordan of Comapany "C"; Huber of Headquarters Company, and R. Murphy, of Company "B," winning in the order [illegible]. Company "A's" entry seemed [illegible] to say nothing of the broom, pretending to take undignified and hasty [illegible] to the glee of the spectators. The second trial the Company "A," got his hands and feet mixed together and finally kicked the [illegible] backward and himself forward. [illegible] to the judge's sorrow he was [illegible] to disqualify this entry. The obstacle race proved a tie. The rooster fight was short and [illegible], Waltz of Company "A," [illegible] to much for Company "C" and Headquarters Company, who finished [illegible] order named. The final score: Company "A," twen-[illegible] points; Company "B," thirteen points; Company "C," eleven points, and Company "D," six points. [Illegible] orchestra provided some [illegible] music between the events. High jump - First, Johnson, Company B; second, P. Johns, Headquarters Company; third, William Suprum, Company A. Indian wrestle - First, Woodmansee, Company B; second, Schwarz, Company A; third, Huber, Headquarters Company. Hundred-yard dash - First, Edward Kivegure, Company A; second, Delligatii, Headquarters Company; third, Murphy, Company D. Tug-of-war - First, Rendine, Company D; second, Sergeant Wolfrum, Headquarters Company; third, Fudge, Company A. Shot-put - First, Jordan, Company C; second, Murphy, Company B; third Huber, Headquarters Company. Rooster fight - First, Waltz, Company A; second, Grubb, Company C; third, Campbell, Headquarters Company. CAMP FOOTBALL TEAM TO BE ORANIZED Officers and Men to Compose Representative Team - Time Set for Practice. CAPT. GLICK TO COACH A Camp Lee football team is to be organized. All officers and men desiring to try out for this team will report to Captain Glick, Camp Athletic Field. Those signifying their desire to try for this team to be excused from duties from 2:30 P. M. on Friday afternoon to retreat. The team picked by Captain Glick will be excused from military formations from 2:30 P. M. to retreat each day until schedule is completed. There is a wealth of football material in Camp and the turn-out of men for the team should rival that large colleges. Among the officers there are many who have played on championship collegiate teams and some hold the rank of being selected as All-American players daring their college career. The enlisted men will be given the opportunity as well as the officers to make the team, as it is the desire of the coach to build up the strongest team possible. There will be no discrimination shown either one way or the other; the man best fitted for the position will be placed on the team. With the advent of a camp football team it is possible to have several games scheduled with outside teams. Many requests have been received from colleges, naval stations and army camps. An effort will be made book a strong team for Thanksgiving Day. SOCIETY CLOTHES. NUF SED. ON SALE. STETSON HATS FOR THE OFFICER. EVERY OFFICERS' UNIFORM, RAINCOAT - OVERCOAT STETSON HAT - CAP SHIRT - WOOL HOSE AT EXACT COST EIGENBRUN BROS., PETERSBURG, VA. UTILITIES TEAM TAKES CLOSE GAME FROM VET. SCHOOL. Single Touchdown Early in Game Decides Contest - Good Defensive Game Played by Both Teams. The Utilities football team defeated the Veterinary Training School aggregation last Saturday afternoon, 6 to 0. The score was made in the first quarter and thereafter the ball was see-sawed up and down the field, both goal lines being threatened often. The game started with a rush, and it was the fast work on the part of the Utilities team in the early stage of the game which enabled them to carry their opponents off their feet. The opposing team could not get settled to put a defense with an end run by Wylie, followed by a forward pass, put the ball on the ten-yard line. It was carried over on the next play through the line. Wylie failed to kick goal. The Vets. settled down to a stubborn defense and held the line plunges to little gain. The backfield got into play and stopped the runs around the ends and broke up many forward passes. In the second quarter the ball was on the eight-yard line, but the Utilities team lost it after gaining only four yards. A series of forward passes carried the ball to the opposite end of the field, but it was impossible for the Vet. team to make a touchdown. The game was clean and well played. Wylie and Denora were in on every play, and easily starred for the winning team. These two men make a good pair, and will cause an opposing team considerable trouble. Beck, at quarter, ran his team in good style and used good judgment in running his plays fast in the early part of the game when he saw that he had the Vets. on the run. Margolies and Bonar put up a strong game for the Veterinary team. IT was due to their plunging tactics and end runs that their team gained the ground in running the ball back. Whenever the goal line was threatened these men cut through and made the tackle which in many instances threw the runner for a loss. Line-up: Utilities. Position. Veterinary. Parton left end Johnson Pudinsky left tackle Adkins Anderson left guard Wright Sonft center Miller Frum right guard Minter Ellis right tackle Stauffer Denora right end Stevens Beck quarter Beiding Sender left half Margolies Blum fullback Gratick Wylie right half Bonar GOOD BOXING BOUT After being dark for six weeks Y. M. C. A. hut Eighty-two opened its doors to the men of the Replacement camp and held an excellent boxing show as an opening number. There were three fast bouts on the program but the feature of the event was the showing of 'Kid' Nicklaus of Company K Fifteenth Battalion. The bout lasted just one round as wicked jab to the point of the jaw of his opponent gave Nicklaus the battle. Nicklaus hails from Pittsburgh and has met several good men in the camp. He will be matched again in the near future with other men of the battalion. Stockdell Myers Hardware Co. "The House of Service," 28-30 South Sycamore Street. Overland Passenger Cars. Willys-Knight Passenger Cars. 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