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CAMP LEE, VA., FRIDAY, THE BAYONET NOVEMBER 15, 1918. THE NEW ENEMY [CARTOON DEPICTING LOW AND HIGH MORALE IN ARMY CAMPS] BATTALION OF ALL FOREIGN SOLDIERS RANKS AMONG BEST Remarkable Work Done by Capt. Breshnahan in Fourth Development Battalion. The most marvelous results of training ever seen at Camp Lee are evidenced in the Fourth Development battalion, where Captain Martin J. Breshnahan, in a few weeks' training, has whipped 200 foreign-speaking soldiers into one of the smartest organizations in camp. Not less than two-thirds of them are unable to speak English at all, yet many officers agree with Captain Breshnahan in claiming for these soldiers the honor of being the best drilled in camp. Captain Breshnahan put a platoon of these soldiers through their paces this week to show The Bayonet editor that they are wonderful soldiers. This platoon of fifty men included well-nigh everything but Americans. Nineteen nationalities were included-Icelanders, Germans, Austrians, Bulgarians, Turks, Hungarians, Russians, Lithuanians, Russian Poles, Slavs, Austrian Poles, Irish, Spanish, Mexicans, Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, French and Belgians. These soldiers were put through a close formation drill that would tax the ability of a platoon of West Pointers. Turning his back on his men so that no signal could be given, and only using blasts of a whistle to indicate the change from one movement to the other, Captain Breshnahan put this company through a complete drill of seventy-five movements. Not a word was spoken and the men snapped through this silent drill in a manner that reminded you of Georgia Tech's drill system, if you are a football fan. [to be continued]