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azw/py IN REPLY REFER TO: AG 201 Keiser, Bernard L. PC-N NAT238 WAR DEPARTMENT

                                              THE ADJUTANT GENERAL"S OFFICE
                                                          WASHINGTON 25, D. C                         6 October 1944
       'Mrs.Ruth E. Keiser:
  This letter is to confirm my recent telegram in which you were regretfully informed that your husband, Private First Class Bernard L. Keiser, 33,656,867, Infantry, has been reported missing in action in France since 11 September 1944. 

I know that added distress is cause by failure to receive more information or details. Therefore, I wish to assure you that at any time additional information is received it will be transmitted to you without delay, and if in the meantime no additional information is received, I will again communicate with you the expiration of three months.

The term "missing in action" is used to indicate that the whereabouts or status of an individual is ot immediately known. It is not intended to convey the impression that the case is closed. I wish to emphasize that every effort is exerted continuously to cleat up the status of our personnel. Under war conditions this is a difficult task as you must readily realize. Experience has shown that many persons reported missing in action are subsequently reported as prisoners of war, but as this information is furnished by countries with which we are at war, the War Department is helpless to expedite such reports. However, in order to relieve financial worry, Congress has enacted legislation which continues in force the pay, allowance and allotments to dependents of personnel being carried in a missing status. Permit me to extend to you my heartfelt sympathy during this period of uncertainty.

                                                                                    Sincerely yours, 
                                                                                               J. A. ULIO
                                                                                               Major General, 
                                                                                                The Adjutant General.