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liberty. The Belgians have won for themselves the immortal glory which belongs to a people who prefer freedom to ease, to security, even to life itself. "We are proud of their alliance and their friendship. We salute them with respect and with honour. We are with them heart and soul, because by their side and in their company we are defending at the same time two great causes--the independence of small States and the sanctity of international covenants. We assure them--as I ask the House in this Address to do--we assure them to-day, in the name of this United Kingdom and of the whole Empire, that they may count to the end on our whole-hearted and unfailing support."

MR. BONAR LAW : "I am glad to have the opportunity of seconding the Resolution which, in terms so eloquent and moving, has just been proposed by the Prime Minister, and which I know commands the warmest approval, not only of this House, but of this whole Nation and Empire. In a struggle which, as we have just been told, was not sought by them, which neither the wisdom nor the forbearance of their Government could have averted, the Belgian Army have displayed a resistance against overwhelming odds as steadfast as it has been heroic--a resistance which has excited surprise, and has won the admiration of the whole world.