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THE KING'S WORD. "We are fighting for a worthy purpose and we shall not lay down our arms until that purpose has been fulfilled." - The King's Speech to Parliament, September 18th, 1914.

LORD KITCHENER'S PLAN. "The Empires with whom we are at war have called to the colours almost their entire male population. The principle we on our part shall observe is this, that while their maximum force undergoes a constant diminution, the reinforcements we prepare shall steadily and increasingly flow out until we have an Army in the field which in numbers not less than in quality will not be unworthy of the power and responsibility of the British empire." - House of Lords, August 25th, 1914.

ALL PARTIES IN ACCORD. [A few examples of how the leading men of all political parties are supporting the appeal to the Nation to fulfill our duty to ourselves and our Allies.]

THE PRIME MINISTER. (MR. ASQUITH.) "What is it that we can offer to our recruits? They come to us spontaneously, under no kind of compulsion, of their own free will, to meet a national and Imperial need; we present to them no material inducement in the shape either of bounty or bribe, and they have to face the prospect of a spell of hard training from which most of the comforts and all the luxuries that any of them have been accustomed to, are rigorously banished. But then, when they are fully equipped for their patriotic task, they will have the opportunity of striking a blow, it may be even of laying down their lives, not to serve the cause of ambition or aggression, but to maintain the honour and the good faith of our country, to shield the independence of free states, to protect against brute force the principles of civilization and the liberties of Europe."