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"I have not come to ask you for your cheers; I have come to ask you for a million men for the gallant Army of Sir John French--a million of the flower of our manhood, nothing but the best, every man a volunteer--a million men maintained in the field and equipped with everything that science can invent or money can buy."

LORD ROSEBERY. "Make no mistake, this is a fight to a finish. If we go under now, we go under for ever. I do not ask you to suggest to yourselves that you will go under for a moment, but if you are not going under, every man who is capable of defending his country is bound to step into the breach."

MR. BALFOUR. "I feel through every fibre of my being that at this great crisis of our history, not only is there every call upon the manhood of the nation, but we are all asked, whether old or young, rich or poor, to make sacrifices for the common cause. We are called to a task as great and noble and as intimately connected with the progress, prosperity, and the morality of mankind as any nation ever was in the whole long history of human effort."

LORD LANSDOWNE. "The response to Lord Kitchener's appeal has been splendid, but it must not be supposed that the recruiting problem is over. We have not only to put the armies in their field but to keep them there. I am told that for every man kept in the field, there ought to be two men in training if the operations are expected to last a long time. This struggle is going to be a protracted one. We desire it to be short, but if we wish it to be short, we must push it as hard as ever we can all the time."