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"The duty of every young man is to go and fight for his country. It is not a question of joining only for home defence; the invasion of England is taking place to-day on the fields of France. If we do not win in France, this year or next it will be upon the fields of England that the fight will be. The place to defend England is where the British Army is now fighting so magnificently. The men to support them are in England to-day. How can any young man doubt his duty."


"The duty lies upon the youth in every part of this country. Given a man between the age of 20 and 35, young and strong, with patriotic feelings within him, I say it is his duty to consider the question of coming forward to serve his country. Where the colonies lead, where India joins in, is our country going to fail? I say again, what we want is men, men, men. It is a question not only of men but of time. As I said before, now is the time and this is the appointed place."