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[This Ind]enture made the 6 day of February in the year 1852, between [page torn] , and Leonard S. Palmer, overseers of the Poor of the County [of Rockbridge, of the one p]art, and Henry Hayslete, of the other part, Witnesseth; That the said [blank] and John G. Pole overseers of the poor as aforesaid, acting with the allowance and approbation of the County Court of Rockbridge County, and in pursuance of an order of the said Court to that effect, made and entered on the 1 day of March, 1853, have put and bound, and do by these presents put and bind Fanny Evans a free Negro of the said County (who has to be provided for and assisted by the overseers of the said County,) and being of the age of Thirteen years, to be an apprentice to the said Jas W. Lindsay, to learn the trade, Business and art of a House Keeper, and with him to dwell and remain, and serve until he the said Fanny Evans shall attain his full age 18 years, during all of which time he the said Fanny Evans his master faithfully shall serve and obey, his secrets keep and his lawful commands willingly do and perform, and shall not absent himself from the service of his said master, day or night, without his leave, but shall in all things as a faithful apprentice behave himself towards his master and all his family during the said term, and the said Jas W. Lindsay, in consideration of the faithful service to be performed by the said Fanny Evans, doth hereby covenant, promise and agree with the said overseers and their successors in office, that he the said James W Lindsay, his said apprentice in the Trade, art and mystery of a Housekeeper, which he now useth, shall and will teach and instruct or cause to be taught and instructed, in the best manner that he can, and shall and will provide and allow, unto the said apprentice during all the said term, competent and sufficient meat, drink, washing, lodging, apparel and all other things necessary for the said apprentice. And the said Jas W Lindsay doth covenant and agree with the said overseers of the poor and their successors in offices during the said term, that he the said J W. Lindsay shall and will teach, or cause the said apprentice to be taught, And whereas the said County Court by the order aforesaid did direct that the said Jas W. Lindsay, for the services of the said apprentice, should pay to the said Fanny Evans at the expiration of her apprenticeship the sum of Twenty five dollars in Clothing the said Jas W. Lindsay doth hereby also covenant and agree to and with the said overseers of the poor and their successor in office, that he shall and will, well and truly pay the sums of money to the said overseers and their successors in office for the use and object specified in said order. In witness whereof, the said overseers of the poor and the said Jas W Lindsay have hereunto interchangeably set their hands and affixed their seals, this 1 day of March 1853. John G Pole (L.S.) James W Lindsay (L.S.) (L.S.)