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[left side of page] apprentice during all the Said term competent and sufficient, Meat, drink, Washing, lodging, apparel and all other things necessary for the apprentice. And whereas the Said County Court by the order of aforesaid did direct that the said Sevan Biveans for the services of his said apprentice should pay the following Sums to Wit: Ten dollars ($10) for the year wherein he arrives to the age of fourteen years Twelve dollars ($12) for the next year. Fifteen dollars ($15) for each of the two next years. Eighteen dollars ($18) for the next year Twenty dollars ($20) for each of the two next years And Twenty five dollars ($25) for his last years services. The said Sevan Biveans doth hereby covenant and agree to and with the Said Overseer of the poor and his successors in office that he shall and Will Well and truly pay the Said Sums of Money as aforesaid. In Witness whereof the Said overseer of the poor and the said Sevan Bivens have hereunto interchangeably set ther hands and affixed ther Seals. Witness Tho W Blackstone Es. W Read O.P. {Seal} Sevan Biveans X his mark {Seal}