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ACTIVE MEMBER E. S. CLUB OF LYNCHBURG. Mrs. John H. Lewis, 609 Court St. Mrs. Alice Harris 1301 Madison St. Miss Harris " Miss V. Harris " Miss B. Harris " Miss Anne Bannister 600 Madison Mrs. S. J. Boatwright 4125 Rivermont Ave Mrs. Callie Henley Galt's Mill Miss Louise Cabell Galt's Mil Mrs. Valentine Rucker Miss Marie Waugh Warwick's Lane Mrs. John H. Christian 309 Madison St. Mrs. H. R. Schaefer Cor. 12th & Wise Sts. Miss Rode Cor. 12th & Wise Sts. Miss Nannie Averett Near Miller Orphan Asylum Mrs. S. H. Falks " " " " Mrs. W. T. Peck 2900 Rivermont Ave. Miss Nellie Powell R.M.W.C. Miss Lucy Davis Elsie Street Miss Aurelia Davis Harrison Street Mrs. James H. Nowlin Warwick's Lane Mrs. Dexter Otey 618 Court Street Mrs. John W. Childs Rivermont Ave. Miss Roberta Carruthers Lynchburg Miss Mollie Thornhill Lynchburg (W.S.L.) Miss Mary Lewis Near Miller Orphan Asylum Miss Acree 1510 Rivermont Ave Mrs. Lovelace 1458 " " Miss Wright (?) Mrs. E. A. Cleland 219 Norfolk Ave.