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SIGNED ON VARIOUS DATES  Miss Lulu V Snaton  Lynchburg  Miss Mria A Reade  "  Mrs. William Spencer  1624 Bedford Ave  Miss E H Doniphan  Lynchburg  Mrs. Stephen Mundy  P O Box 357, Lynchburg  Dr, Roberta Smith  Medical Building  Mrs.A P Montague  Covington, Va (now)  Miss Kent Gregory  813 Clay St  Miss Grace E Reynolds R M W C  (Joined at CSS) Miss Ossie B Dameron  625 Cabell St  Miss H O Garruthers  Lynchburg, Va  Mrs. J Y Canleton  1200 Floyd St  Miss M L Meade  1004 Court St  Miss Frankie O Beard  P O Box 23, Lynchburg  Miss Ethel Bass  College Park  Mrs. J J Burnett  11th & Church Sts  Mrs. Maude Miller Walker  Warwick Lane  Mary S Hopkins  838 Rivermont Ave  Mrs. Geo W Oliver  601 McKinley Ave  Mrs. Emma Roy Dameron  625 Cabell St  Maggie Spradlin  707 Polk St  Mrs. J E Yoder  923 Monroe St    Mamie R Shelton    Madison Heights    Mrs. N A Patillo    R M W C  Mrs. T N Davis    Harrison St

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SIGNED ON VARIOUS DATES Miss Lulu V Snaton Lynchburg Miss Mria A Reade " Mrs. William Spencer 1624 Bedford Ave Miss E H Doniphan Lynchburg Mrs. Stephen Mundy P O Box 357, Lynchburg Dr, Roberta Smith Medical Building Mrs.A P Montague Covington, Va (now) Miss Kent Gregory 813 Clay St Miss Grace E Reynolds R M W C (Joined at CSS) Miss Ossie B Dameron 625 Cabell St Miss H O Garruthers Lynchburg, Va Mrs. J Y Canleton 1200 Floyd St Miss M L Meade 1004 Court St Miss Frankie O Beard P O Box 23, Lynchburg Miss Ethel Bass College Park Mrs. J J Burnett 11th & Church Sts Mrs. Maude Miller Walker Warwick Lane Mary S Hopkins 838 Rivermont Ave Mrs. Geo W Oliver 601 McKinley Ave Mrs. Emma Roy Dameron 625 Cabell St Maggie Spradlin 707 Polk St Mrs. J E Yoder 923 Monroe St Mamie R Shelton Madison Heights Mrs. N A Patillo R M W C Mrs. T N Davis Harrison St