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Mrs. J Patterson Malcolm  1715
Mrs. J Patterson Malcolm  1715 Grace St.  Elizabeth Chalmers Fulton Malcolm  "  Isabel Gray Malcolm  "  Ella Anderson Lynchburg, Va  Mrs. J P Clark  418 Washington St  Mrs. Fanny M Hughes  1000 Court St  Louise W Payne  524 Federal St  Miss Sallie Moore  509 11th St  Helen D Urquhart  1113 11th St  Aileen M Bond  605 Pearl St  Flora V Campbell  845 Belmont Ave  Mrs. R M Swearengen  226 Norfolk Ave  Mrs. John A Mahood  1320 Park Ave  Miss Helen Mahood  "  Carrie D Mahood  "  Miss Mattie Fowlkes  316 5th St  (Miss) Frances Rodes  1100 Federal St  Miss Annie B Watts  1001 Clay St  Nathalie B Bowman  510 Westover Place  S R Meade  Lynchburg  Mary H Hood  Fairview Heights  Annie B Mason  Lynchburg  L Kate Taylor  1707 Elm Ave  Ruth Zaring  Lynchburg  Mrs. Mildred G Murrell  "  (nee Perkins?0 Mrs. Lillie Coffey  1713 13th St  Sarah E Martin  R M W C  Mrs. E N Medernach  1303 Madison St  Mrs. Imogene Minnegerode  Rivermont    Miss Mary Morris  201 Denver Ave  Mrs. F W Nelson  Mrs. Bessie Meade Newson    Clay St  Mrs. Geo. W Oliver  601 McKinley Ave  Mrs. James D, Pacton  Clay St  Mrs Alfred B Percy  Church St  Grace Purcell  Mrs. R H Sharp  Rivermont Ave  Mrs. E F Sheffey  Floyd St  Mrs. L L Staton  1108 Polk St  Miss Lila Tucker  Court St  Mrs. R T Watts, Jr  Cabell  "  Mrs. W C White  1814 Clay St  Miss Lottie Williams  Glamorgan Works  Mrs. W W Taylor  Rivermont Ave  Miss Mary V Woodward  "    "    Janet Worsham  1109 Polk St.

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Mrs. J Patterson Malcolm 1715 Grace St. Elizabeth Chalmers Fulton Malcolm " Isabel Gray Malcolm " Ella Anderson Lynchburg, Va Mrs. J P Clark 418 Washington St Mrs. Fanny M Hughes 1000 Court St Louise W Payne 524 Federal St Miss Sallie Moore 509 11th St Helen D Urquhart 1113 11th St Aileen M Bond 605 Pearl St Flora V Campbell 845 Belmont Ave Mrs. R M Swearengen 226 Norfolk Ave Mrs. John A Mahood 1320 Park Ave Miss Helen Mahood " Carrie D Mahood " Miss Mattie Fowlkes 316 5th St (Miss) Frances Rodes 1100 Federal St Miss Annie B Watts 1001 Clay St Nathalie B Bowman 510 Westover Place S R Meade Lynchburg Mary H Hood Fairview Heights Annie B Mason Lynchburg L Kate Taylor 1707 Elm Ave Ruth Zaring Lynchburg Mrs. Mildred G Murrell " (nee Perkins?0 Mrs. Lillie Coffey 1713 13th St Sarah E Martin R M W C Mrs. E N Medernach 1303 Madison St Mrs. Imogene Minnegerode Rivermont Miss Mary Morris 201 Denver Ave Mrs. F W Nelson Mrs. Bessie Meade Newson Clay St Mrs. Geo. W Oliver 601 McKinley Ave Mrs. James D, Pacton Clay St Mrs Alfred B Percy Church St Grace Purcell Mrs. R H Sharp Rivermont Ave Mrs. E F Sheffey Floyd St Mrs. L L Staton 1108 Polk St Miss Lila Tucker Court St Mrs. R T Watts, Jr Cabell " Mrs. W C White 1814 Clay St Miss Lottie Williams Glamorgan Works Mrs. W W Taylor Rivermont Ave Miss Mary V Woodward " " Janet Worsham 1109 Polk St.