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CARDS SIGNED BY MEN, FEB 7 1913 Accorsini, Clinto 204 Harrison St Anderson, A E 511 Victoria Ave Berkeley, W W Roanoke, VA Boyd, Geo, K 1015 Jackson St. (?) Coleman, J E 511 Clay St Cooper, W A Rev (Now in Richmond, Va) Dameron, R D Foster, J P 1303 Madison St Johnson, A Gales (?) Rivermont Moses, W H Miller, S H 716 Clay St Miller, E M Oliver, Geo, W.601 McKinley Ave. Poston, J C Sheffey, K F Wise St Skinner, John F) North & South Realty Co Skinner, Orville) 811 1/2 Main St Shelbursy, S G Knight, F F Glass, E C 622 Madison St Beggs, E J 603 Victoria Ave J J Burnett 1125 Church St Thomas, A F West Lynchburg Meadows, Jas, L Boxwood, Va Merryman, Jas, B 617 Gum St Farmer, C H 810 Wise St Busey, C E 912 Floyd St Otey, Dexter 618 Court St Stall, J A (Removed?) Rodeer, J L " Wikerson, J T 904 8th St Horner, R J 919 Harrison St Moon, B F Lynchburg Odd Fellows Goodman, Leon 516 Victoria Ave.