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(SIGNED CARDS OCT 25, 1913) Alexander, G Murrell Court St. Berry, W T 108 Filmore St Brown, Mayo C P N Bank Bldg Carter, J Harris 911 Wise St Clark, W E 1225 Clay St Childress B F 1101 Harrison St Cockerell D M 720 Court St Campbell C B 845 Belmont Dunn, A L Felter, Clarence L (Actor, temporarily in Lynchburg) Garrett, Prince Jordan, Walter B 1509 Taylor St Harvey, Jno. W 1382 Rivermont Ave Light, Rev J H Rivermont Miller, Thomas C 301 Fauguier St Montague, A P Clifton Forge Musick, W P Nowlin, C W 300 11th St Ogden, J W Lynchburg, VA Owubey, W L Gundy, VA Owen, R A Federal St Page, Ambrose, Y M C A Lynchburg Priest, A E "" Rider, J L 1023 Rivermont Ave Rogers, Rev G F Rivermont Seward, E H 2605 Fifth Ave Shumate, C R 1108 Rivermont Ave Thompson, A L Lynchburg Well, Herman D " (?) Williams, E A " Wingfield, S Clay St. Yoder, Adon A 923 Monroe St. Brown, J O Madison Heights Coleman, E K " Musick, Sam Jack Business College Roby, R R 311 Rivermont Ave Mattox J A (Gladys, R F D) Lynchburg, Va E A Gleland Rivermont