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Equal Suffrage League of Newport News, Virginia Executive Board: Mrs. Faith W. Morgan, Financial Secretary Mrs. A.J. Hauser, Recording Secretary Mrs. George Helms Wise Mrs. J.E. De Gafferelly Mrs. O.E. Eriksen Mrs. Allan D. Jones Miss Emma Presley Miss Lydia G. Weld Miss Sadie Barclay Miss Lulu F. Jones Miss E.L. Robinson Mrs. West Richardson Mrs. B. B. Bradley Mrs. A.M. Rode Mrs. C.F. Hartman

December 8th 1915

Madame President: We feel that we can report a steady advance in our work all along the line. We have held regular monthly meetings, throughout the year, on the first Tuesday evening in every month, without fail, or change. We find that these regular meetings, although small, give stability and vitality to our work; and the amount of business winch develops for our attention is a constant source of surprise. Our annual election of Officers was held at the November meeting; and our old executive board of fifteen was re-elected, with Mrs. Faith W. Morgan as Chairman and Financial Secretary, and Mrs. A.M. Hauser as Recording Secretary. We have constantly circulated our books, magazines and papers; both at meetings and also outside. While this is unobtrusive work, it is none the less of good service. Anyone who is familiar with the history of the movement, and with writings on social progress, is greatly strengthened in their power for suffrage work. There are not many people who could not draw inspiration and force from Dr. Anna Shaw's "Pioneer Work for Women". Seventeen new subscriptions were secured to the "Woman's Journal"; one of these we donated to the Newport News Public Library; and four were taken by doctors, for their offices; in some cases, the League contributing part of the subscription price. Literature has been supplied for school and other debates.