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Report -2: The Suffrage Movie: "Your Girl and Mine", was given under the auspices of the Newport News and Hampton Leagues, on February 20th, Mrs. West Richardson providing herself an able Chairman of the Committee on arrangements. It was well attended, and earned a small profit; the expenses ($81,) being heavy. Literature was distributed in the lobby. Letters from the League were sent to candidates for the State Legislature, asking their stand. All replied as willing to submit the question to the voters. Senator Saxon W. Holt showing a favorable attitude toward the question itself; and Mr. Phillip W. Murray, while personally opposed, was willing to refer the matter to the voters. Miss L.M. Barbour gave an address on poor labor conditions in the State, especially for women. Three successful street meetings were held. Two, in July, were addressed by Mrs. Minnie E. Brooke, of Washington, who was our pioneer. She held large and attentive audiences, two nights in succession. A third in August, was addressed by Mr. Jesse C. Duke and Mrs. Louis Krackle, of Richmond, introduced by Mr. Roby C. Day, of Norfolk. This also was a large and satisfactory meeting. We have worked faithfully on the petition. When the blanks were first given out, we distributed as many as possible to over forty people - in fact to anyone who offered the slightest hope of getting signatures. Certainly half of these did well; securing from 15-30 names apiece; and a few did a great deal more. Some brought in only four or five names; but anyone who has done "Petition work" knows how thankful they are to have a "started" paper to use. The moral effect of having many different people asking