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Annual Meeting Equal Suffrage League Jan 2, 1913

The annual meeting of the Richmond branch of the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia was held at headquarters Jan.2, 1913, with a good representation of the membership in attendance. The President, Mrs. B.B. Valentine, occupied the chair and called for reports from the various officers. The reports of Mrs. A.M. Tyler, Corresponding Secretary, dealt especially with the work in its relation to the State and City. And of especial importance, relations between the office of the E.S.L. in Richmond and the local and state press were dwelt upon, and the necessity for closer organization and perfecting committee work to support and extend the work at headquarters. The statement of the Treasurer, Mrs. W.G. Kidd, was a separate report of the state and city funds, as follows: Statement A, the designation of the state fund, showed the total including a previous balance and the receipts to Dec. 12, 1912, to be $637.89, with disbursements amounting to $504.97, leaving a balance of $131.92 to the credit of the state fund. Statement B, the designation of the city fund, showed receipts and a previous balance amounting to $223.03, with disbursements of $135.88, leaving a balance amounting to $86.15 to the credit of the city fund. The statement of the Post Card Chairman, Mrs. C.H. Clarke, showed sales of cards, calendars, and hangers amounting to $114.44, with expenses of $80.88, leaving a balance of $33.56. This report showed much activity on the part of the chairman in opening communication with the league of Conn., Ill., Ind., New Jersey and Florida, besides the various leagues in Virginia. The President's resume of the league's activities for the year touched up on the legislative hearing; the house to house canvass; the interesting weekly meetings; the field work or organization; addresses made by herself at the eight public schools in Richmond, and others at Bon Air, Aeniand and Highland Springs; the indorsement of the league during the year by the W.T.I.A., the Machinists' Union, the W.C.T.U, the Farmers' Union, the State Federation of Labor, and the Nurses' Union. The total roll of membership was stated to be 925, three hundred new members being added during the year, 33 of whom joined at Miss Clay's meeting at the Jefferson Auditorium. The President reported also joint action with the Social Service Federation and the Recreation Committee in their work. The election of officers was then voted upon by the league and the following persons were declared elected: President, Mrs. B.B. Valentine First Vice President, Mrs. Chas. V. Meredith Second Vice President, Miss Mary Johnston Third Vice President, Mrs. Chas. Bosher. Rec. Sec'y, Mrs. G.M. Smithdeal Cor. Sec'y, Mrs. A.M. Tyler Auditor, Miss Lucy Mason Executive Board: Mmes. Chas. Bosher, R.K. Flannagen, G.H. Clarke, S.W. Week, J.T. Jopson, F.L. Jopson, Misses Marie Leahiiy, Coralie Johnston, Adele Clark, Elizabeth Cooke, Carrie Coleman.. No further business being presented, the meeting was adjourned.