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Report of the Headquarters Annual Meeting of the Equal Suffrage League of Richmond, January First, 1914

This report does not cover the work of the Richmond League for a twelve-month period but covers the time of my official connection with the League to the present time, having assumed the duties of Secretary September 1st, 1913.

Headquarters In The Commercial Building, 2nd st The new home of the league was formally opened on the 18th of September, under very auspicious circumstances. xxx felt that they would have the co-operation of the membership throughout the xxx rest of our campaign. In this we we have not been disappointed:

Meetings: The following public meetings have been held: Oct. 17th, 1913 - Miss Ellen Glasgow - YMCA. This meeting was largely attended; 39 new members were added to our lists, several petitions filled, and a great deal of enthusiasm aroused.

November 15th, Lady Ramsay, of Aberdeen, Scotland, Y.M.C.A. This was also a successful public meeting. Petitions were filled, 13 new members added.

Nov. 24th, 1913, Mr. J.H. Braly, Passadena, California, was given a subscription dinner by the Richmond League, to which the members responded well. At this dinner, Hon. Richard Evelyn Byrd's prophecy that equal suffrage would come in 1916 was quoted in all the city newspapers and re-published in many papers throughout the State. The public meeting at the Y.M.C.A. on Nov. 25th resulted in 9 new members, and many signatures to our petition.

Dec. 9th, Miss Jean Gordon, of New Orleans, La. YMCA, 10 new members added, petitions signed.

XXXX. Dec.