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Annual Report:- Page, 2. turned over to the Food Supply Committee of the Richmond Chapter of the American Red Cross, ultimately known as the Central Garden Committee. In April there was established at Headquarters a Registration Bureau for Women's War Service with Miss Mary Day Winn as chairman. This bureau was under the auspices of the state as well as of the city league. During the open air meetings for recruits, many suffragists responded to the call of the recruiting committee for speakers, while still others assisted in the distribution of patriotic recruiting literature. Activities of the league during the month of May were contributions to the Army Y. M. C. A. work, and a pledge of $25.00 to the Jewish War Relief Fund, given by members of the league as a memorial to Ernestine L. Rose of Poland, one of the first platform speakers for suffrage in this country, and one of the first advocates of the property rights of married women.