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Annual Report:- Page, 3. transferred automatically with that of the State from the Commercial Building, 2nd. St., to our present home, 100 N. 4th St., selected in August by the following committee: mrs. G. Harvey Clarke, chairman; Mrs. E. G. Kidd, Mrs. Grace H. Smithdeal, Mrs. Frank L. Jobson, Mrs. W. P. Adkins, Miss Ida Thompson, Mrs. Edith Clark Cowles. The following gifts have been received at the new Headquarters: From Mrs. Charles G. Bosher, a book-case, four rugs, two palms. In the Spring Mrs. Bosher gave to headquarters the desk on which she had written five of her books: From Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke--the knocker for the front door, a stepladder, furniture stain, castors, bolts on locks. From Mrs. Walter S. McNiell, chairman of the house-furnishings committee, the curtains and globes, also table cloths for the tea tables. From Frank L. Jobson, a cover for the centre table From Miss Thompson, an O Cedar Mop. From Mrs. B. B. Valentine Mrs. S. T. Clover Mrs. Walter S. McNeill, new volumes for the library. Members of the Richmond League have contributed volumes for the War Library Fund, and have raised $100 for that fund. In November, 1917 the Richmond league entertained the State Convention at the Jefferson Hotel, Mrs. Barton H. Wise