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Richmond (Henrico Co.) EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA I, the undersigned, believe that the Vote should be given to the Women of Virginia on equal terms with Men. (I have not signed a similar statement.) NAME ADDRESS 1 Ellen [Brewer?] 2508 A. W. Grace 2 Anna M. Darlington 312 E. Grace St. 3 Lola [McLian?] 6 W. Grace 4 Odessa Henderson 516 N. 30th St. 5 Annie [illegible] 110 N. 3rd St. 6 Lillie V. Barker 1430 Floyd Ave. 7 Myrtle Barker 1430 Floyd Ave. 8 Mrs. R. H. [Kulin?] 17 S. Beech St. 9 Louise [Kulin?] 17 S. Beech St. 10