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Members of E. S. League, Richmond. Equal Suffrage League or Virginia. I, the undersigned, believe that the Vote should be given to the Women of Virginia on equal terms with Men. (I have not signed a similar statement.) Women Name Copy Address 1. Mrs. E. F. Seelman Pleasant av. 2. Mrs. W. H. Schwarzschild 1823 W. Grace 3. Mrs. B. Schwarzschild Gresham Ct. 4. Mrs. N. Schloss 410 Allen av. 5. Miss Mae [Schaill?] 1120 West av 6. Mrs. M. W. [Schaill?] 1120 West av. 7. Mrs. W. L. Shakespeare Highland Pk 8. Mrs. S. S. Smith 2304a Park av. 9. Mrs. W. L. Smith 115 Stuart av. 10. Miss. [J.?] E. Speed 1127 West av. 11. Mrs. C. Sherwood 2007 Monument 12. Miss H. W. [Suaer?] 516 Va. av. 13. Mrs. H. Smith [Monroe?] Terrace 14. Mrs. M. R. Sanders 2210 Park av. 15. Mrs. L. Samuel 413 N. Marshall 16. Mrs. W. [D.?] Sanders 800-5 av. 17. Mrs. S. L. [Laugster?] 712 Barton av. 18. Mrs. Ida [Saevitz?] 413 [Suieth?] St. 19. Mrs. W. H. Schwarzschild 2710 Monument 20. Mrs. E. B. [Syduse?] St. [Andrews?] Lane 21. Mrs. S. J. [Shiacy?] 22. Mrs. [A.?] S. [Seamans?] 2333 W. Grace 23. Mrs. Seay 806 Stuart Rd 24. Miss A. B. Sheehan Brookland Pk 25. Miss W. Sheehan Brookland [Bad.?] I hereby certify that these signatures are genuine. Name Address When filled and signed, please return this list to Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Headquarters, 100 North Fourth Street Richmond, Virginia. (Please keep a copy of this list on file at your local league.)