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Members of E. S. League, Richmond. Equal Suffrage League of Virginia. I, the undersigned, believe that the Vote should be given to the Women of Virginia on equal terms with Men. (I have not signed a similar statement.) Women Name Copy Address 1. Mrs. J. D. [Spencer?] 1205 North av. 2. Mrs. J. E. Stagg 1721 Park av. 3. Mrs. H. L. Staples 2339 W. Grace 4. Mrs. [illegible initial] M. Starke 520-1st av. 5. Mrs. A. B. Stebbins 1106 Barton av. 7. Miss M. G. Steel 601 Hawthorne 8. Mrs. P. S. Steigleder 1310 Barton av. 9. Miss E. Stephens 2232 Park 10. Mr. I Sternheimer 2202 W. Grace 11. Mrs. L. R. Stevens 1211-3rd av. 12. Mrs. A. C. Stevenson 703 [Lamb?] av. 13. Miss H. [Stockdell?] 901 W. Grace 14. Mrs. G. L. Stone 105 W. Grace 15. Miss [Tara?] Stone 105 W. Grace 16. Mrs. T. H. Stovall 1913 [Euslow?] 17. Mr. J. H. Street 803 W. Clay 18. Mrs. M. C. Strather 711 North av. 19. Miss E. V. Stubbs 816 W. Franklin 20. Mr. J. B. S. Stewart