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Members Women Equal Suffrage League of Richmond EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA I, the undersigned, believe that the Vote should be given to the Women of Virginia on equal terms with Men. (I have not signed a similar statement.) NAME Copy ADDRESS 1 Mrs. Fortune 316 N McDonough St. 2 Mrs. George Freeman 123 So. 5th St. 3 Miss Hazel [Ferguson?] 1100 [N.?] [Donough?] St. 4 Miss Katharine Feeney 809 W. 28th St. 5 Sadie [Foulkrod?] R.F.D.#8 6 Miss B. Fisher 511 N. 11th St. 7 Mrs. E. V. Fowler 2526 Bainbridge St. 8 Marian Fitzgerald 1206 Bainbridge St. 9 Mrs. E. R. Fuller 302 E. Franklin 10 Miss Jenni Fisher 511 N. 11th St. 11 Mrs. Phillip [Feige?] 215 N. 11th St. 12 Miss Rose Fisher 511 N. 11th St. 13 Miss Minnie Fisher 511 N. 11th St. 14 Mrs. Emma Fitzgerald 1206 Bainbridge St. 15 Mrs. A. H. Fitzgerald 1019 Porter St. 16 Miss Bettie B. Fisher 511 N. 11th St. 17 Mrs. C. B. Ford Forest Hill 18 S. E. Floyd 407 E. Clay 19 Mrs. Pearle B. Flournoy Spring Hill, City 20 Miss Bessie Gill 216 Cowardin Ave. 21 Mrs. J. M. Gregory Forest Hill 22 Ruth A Garber 323 E. 9th St. 23 Mrs. Harry Gaines [803-1/2?] E. Leigh St. 24 Miss S. L. Gordon 107 E. Grace St. 25 Miss [Estha?] Goldstein 411 N. 4th St. I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT THESE SIGNATURES ARE GENUINE Name Address WHEN FILLED AND SIGNED, PLEASE RETURN THIS LIST TO EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA HEADQUARTERS, 100 NORTH FOURTH STREET RICHMON, VIRGINIA (Please keep a copy of this list on file at your local league.)